Thursday, December 1, 2011

Elmer Sutton 1883-1901

I found Elmer when I was researching Ezekiel Sutton and found them living together in Polk County Florida on the 1900 Census.  I knew it had to "my" Ezekiel because of the birth locations of Elmer's parents.  Upon research I found and proved that both Elmer and Ezekiel belong to the Steuben County Suttons.

Elmer is the son of George W. Sutton and Margaret Brode.  He is born 2 Sep 1883, the beginning of a life that is too short.  The beginning is marred by the death of his mother during child birth, which is shown in the Michigan Death Records for her.

The only other record I could find from his birth is the 1900 census.  I do not know who had custody of Elmer when both his parents passed.  His father died 27 Oct 1888, this according to Elmers obit.

On the Steuben County GenWeb site under town news 7 Aug 1901 there is a mention of Elmers death.   I sent for the obit from the Carnegie Library and received a small obit that confirms this Elmer is in fact the son of George W and Margaret Brode Sutton. That both parents are dead and only his sister Edith Mabel and brother Arthur Franklin survive him.

Armed with his date of death, I found that Elmer died while an inmate at the Indiana Reformatory in Jeffersonville, Indiana.   He was sent to the reformatory on 4 Oct 1900 with a sentence of 1-3 years for petit larceny.  While there he contracted Typhoid Fever and died 28 Jul 1901 at the age of 18.

As of now I am trying to locate the graves of all the members of this family.  I know that Elmers body was sent to his sister and brother in Angola.  There is no mention of him in the Cemeteries of Steuben County books.  Both of his parents died while living in Michigan, but I have yet to confirm where they were laid to rest.


Birth: Michigan Birth Record Lake County 1883
Death:  Obit from Steuben Republican 7 Aug 1901
              Report of Paroles, Discharges and Deaths at the Indiana Reformatory for July 1901
Census: 1900 Polk County, Florida
Inmate:  Indiana Reformatory Log for Sutton Elmer inmate 3104

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

George W. Sutton

George W. Sutton born Dec 27 1852 died 27 Oct 1888.

George is the son of Franklin W. and Martha Miller Sutton, his father being David H. Sutton.

He was born in Dane County, Wisconsin.  He is on the 1860 census in Dane County and does not show up again until his marriage to Margaret Brode on 4 Mar 1874 in Steuben County.

They live in Ostego, Steuben County according to the 1880 census.

Margaret dies 1883 while giving birth to their third child Elmer.  George dies 5 years later in 1888 according to Elmers obit.

George and Margaret had three children

Edith Mabel 1879-1954  m. Marion Harman
Arthur Franklin 1880-1935 m. Katherine Winney
Elmer Sutton 1883-1901 (see previous post)

No obit or burial records found for George or Margaret.


Census:  1860 Dane County, Wisconsin
                 1880 Steuben County, Indiana
Marriage: Indiana Marriage Collection
Death:  Son Elmers Obit

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mayme Sutton

Mayme Sutton was the daughter of Thomas W. Sutton and Frances I. Brode.

She was born March 20, 1877 in Steuben County.  She lived with her parents up until her tragic death.

On Feb 29, 1908 Mayme died.  An article in The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette Mar, 3, 1908:

Miss Mamie Sutton a seamstress died Saturday night about 10 o clock at her mothers residence on South Superior street under peculiar circumstances. She had been uptown early in the evening and at Frysingers drug store she purchased some chloroform saying that she wanted it to use in cleaning a skirt. As Miss Sutton was a seamstress and accustomed to that line of work Mr Frysinger thought nothing strange of the request and asked her how much she wanted. She said she didnt know but what an ounce would be enough but to be sure said she would have three ounces. When she arrived at home she found her sister-in-law Mrs. Charles Sutton ready to go uptown for something and was invited to accompany her. But she declined to do so. Half hour later when Mrs Sutton returned she found the lights in the room turned quite low and going into the house she called Mamie and got no reply. She then turned up the light and found Mamie lying on the couch in an unconscious condition. Dr. Frank B. Humphrey was at once called but the patient did not recover consciousness and died at about 10 o clock. When it was learned that Miss Sutton had purchased the chloroform search was made for the bottle but no trace of it can be found. Coroner Hamilton was notified and came Sunday to investigate the cause. The verdict of the coroner the Kist News bureau is informed will be that the deceased died of convulsions and friends say that she was subject to fits. The funeral will take place from the Christian church Tuesday at 10 am. She was thirty one years old and leaves a widowed mother and one brother. 

John R. Sutton

John was born Aug 1871 and died 15 Apr 1936 in Butler. De Kalb County.

He married Lilia (Lela) D. Oberlin in 1904.  They had one son Harley Arthur Sutton born 1908 and passed in 1932.

John had a number of occupations.  In 1910 census it states he was a druggist and the retail store.  In 1920 he worked for Tank Pump Co and in 1930 census he worked at the railroad.

In HIstory of Butler, DeKalb County, Indiana I find this reference:
In the early 1930s, Butler went back to a town government due to a change in Indiana Law. For the next twenty years, it was again governed by trustees.

During this time, going to the barbershop was a time to "catch-up" on what was happening around town. Mark Harrigan, Bill Holtzberg , Joe (Toad) Latson, and Frank and John Sutton were all popular barbers. Hair cuts cost 15 cents and customers had their own shaving mugs personalized with their names hung on a special rack on the wall.
This is the only John I can find in 1930s living in Butler, so I assume it is him.  Plus John had a brother named Frank.  
John and Harley are buried at Butler Cemetery. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

George Leo Sutton

George was born Feb 7, 1878 in Steuben County, Indiana.  He was the youngest son of Sirenous and Catherine Williams Sutton.

Through out his life, his occupation was that of the town Barber.   On the 1920 Census, it indicates that he owned his own shop.

He married Mary Teegardin March 11, 1900 in Steuben County.  Listed in Indiana Marriages 1780-1992.

George and Mary did not have any children.
Mary died 1928.

George remarried Hazel Wilkinson Potter, although I have yet to find actual proof.  On Georges WWII draft card, he lists his wife as Hazel.

George died in 1944 and is buried next to Mary and his parents at South Scott Cemetery in Steuben County.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Frank Sutton

Frank was the son of Sirenous and Catherine Williams Sutton.  He was born Mar 1874 and passed away in 1952.

He married Emma Teegardin,  25 Aug 1900 in Steuben County, Indiana. She was 17 Feb 1874.

They had two children:

Garold Sutton 1901-1979
Denver Sutton 1903-1980

The family can be found in the 1910 census in Wilmington, De Kalb County, Indiana. They lived on E. Green Street.   Frank's occupation is listed as a barber.

In the 1920 census they are living back in Steuben County, in Pleasant Township, where Frank is now a General Farmer.  Both sons are still living at home and work on the farm.

1930 shows them living in York Township on R1 Fremont.  Still farming at the age of 55.

Frank passes away in 1952 and is buried along with his wife at Teegardin Cemetery in Hamilton, Steuben County.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Orville Sutton

Orville Sutton was the 4th child of Rowell and Emma Jane.  He was born 17 May 1884 in Steuben County, Indiana.

He married Dorthea Bloom in 1901

Their Children:
Opal 1902-1989
Ford 1904-1975
Lela M 1906-1985
Dorothy 1908-1996
Roswell 1914-1934
Francis 1919-1980
Orville Jr 1926-1934

He was a farmer with residences in:

Pleasant Township 1910 Census
Jamestown Township 1920, 1930 Census

Fort Wayne Daily News March 16, 1908

He Died 4 Feb 1932 and Dora in 1966